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All Hallows Creams - Page 23

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ShinyaXmachina ShinyaXmachina


26th Oct 2020, 10:24 AM



Were both these individuals in the process of trying to transition?
“Jasper” as a personal “given” name is usually a boys’ or men’s name, derived from the Persian word for “treasurer”.
But “jasper” as a common noun usually means a semi-precious stone. It’s an unrelated word that just happens to sound and be spelled the same.
“Jasper” as a girls’ or women’s “given” name usually has to do with the semi-precious stone.

I couldn’t figure out whether our Jasper here had a microdick or a vagina. Apparently “has a vagina” is the answer.
I also couldn’t figure out whether they had masculine tits or small young adolescent feminine tits.
Apparently “used to have feminine tits, now has masculine tits” is ... the answer? ... maybe?

I also don’t know why the person with the tits and face and waist and hips any young cis-woman their age would be proud of, also has a dick any cis-male their age would be proud of.
I can’t remember seeing their balls; but if we see them cum I guess we’ll know their prostate is up to cis-male spec.

Was either of them born ambiguously gendered?

Transitioning is pretty damned expensive. If either of these young people has begun transitioning, I expect their parents or parent is supporting them in that; they’re too young to have enough income or savings to do it themselves.

Unless they’re transitioning from ambiguous to unambiguous, in which case I’d imagine _*perhaps*_ insurance might help out?


I am well aware I don’t need, never have needed, and never will need, the answer to even one of these questions!

I imagine if I’m patient I’ll get some of the answers eventually anyway.

Our artist/writer has the talent to make us wait but not mind waiting!

26th Oct 2020, 2:18 PM

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